The Word on City


(Tom Howe)…is a legend, one of the best youth soccer coaches ever.

Kevin Grimes
Head Soccer Coach, University of California, Berkeley

Tom is an excellent trainer and knows how to develop young talent. He demands his players to be able to play in tight spaces through possession activities and repetition beginning at a young age. This technical base along with strong competition and coaching has led to many great players being developed under the care of THowe.

Todd Yeagley
Head Soccer Coach, University of Indiana

There is a discipline involved in training that carries over to the game, and at the highest level of play, the small things make the biggest differences. A quality first touch, a high-paced, accurate pass, playing in the right moment, making the right decisions at the right time are all factors that come out of a high level training routine. Tom’s teams always reflected these traits.

Terry Michler
Head Soccer Coach, CBC High School

Tommy (Howe) is the best youth soccer trainer in the entire country. You will not find too many people argue with that, even outside St. Louis. He is one of the most respected youth soccer coaches of all time. His training sessions and how he gets players to buy into his system and play quality soccer is remarkable. He can take an average player while they are young and make them into one of the best players in their age group by the time he is done with them.

Dan Hilson
All-American Soccer Player
University of Missouri, Kansas City

I’m not the biggest or the fastest player, so I have to have the skill set to complete at this level. As a coach Tom Howe taught us all the moves, how to play in tight spaces, and how to be smart and be comfortable with the ball. He was going to Brazil and Holland before anyone to learn their systems, no one else in the country was coaching like he did.

Brad Davis
MLS All-Star
Houston Dynamo

It’s the way I want soccer to be in St. Louis again.

Pat Mann
St. Louis Steamers